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26 in 2 Minutes

After typing that title, it occurred to me that “26 in 2 Minutes and 6 Seconds” or “26 in 2 Minutes and 60 Seconds (Yes, I know that’s actually 3 Minutes)” would both have been catchier titles. But, I’m already exporting the project from iMovie and with the state of my hard drive…there’s no time to change it. I’ve already procrastinated enough, as it is. So, “26 in 2 Minutes” it is.

Anyway, I’m assuming you can guess what this blog is about based on the title, that quick stream-of-consciousness, and (most likely) the video embedded above. So, I’ll cut to the chase: Yes, I took a selfie everyday from my 26th birthday until the day before my 27th. And, yes, I turned them into a little time lapse video.

Is this video closely related to the topic of this blog? No, not really. Although I did live in Japan from March – July, so you’ll see a bit of it (and a few other countries!) in the background for the first half of the video. Regardless, last year was a big year for me. There were lots of changes, transitions, and adjustments and I think this video really encapsulates that.

Sticking with taking a selfie everyday was one of few commitments that I was able to keep up with on a daily basis last year. I decided to keep up with it and now I’m on day 40 of year 2. So, maybe there will be another one of these next year!

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