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Frying Up Some Dorayaki!

About a week or so ago, I had lunch with a lovely Japanese woman whose husband works with my Dad.

While I was at her house, I happened to mention how much I love anko. (Who am I kidding? I tell everyone how much I love anko.) Like magic, she pulled out a package of koshian and told me to take it home and enjoy.

Enjoy, I did. After doing a little internet research (Side note: can I put “highly skilled at internet research” on my resume?), I decided to attempt dorayaki, a kind of Japanese confectionery.

I’ve never tried to make any kind of Japanese sweet before, so dorayaki seemed like a good place to start. Basically, it’s a big ol’ glob of anko (red bean paste) sandwiched between two pancakes.

All I had to do was whip up a batch of pancakes, put some anko between two of ’em, and squish, squish, squish. In the end, I think I may have eaten more raw batter and plain anko than I did cooked dorayaki, but oh well. I’m a child.

Making Dorayaki

Being the ultra-prepared chef that I am, I laid out all of the ingredients before I started cooking. Dorayaki doesn’t require much – just baking soda, flour, sugar, milk, eggs, honey, and anko.

Gathering all the ingredients
Gathering all the ingredients!

To start, I whisked the honey, sugar, and eggs in a bowl and then stirred in the milk.

Mixing eggs, sugar, honey, and milk
Mixing the eggs, sugar, honey, and milk

Next, I added the flour and baking soda to the egg mixture and mixed, mixed, mixed.

Adding flour and baking soda
Adding the flour and baking soda
Mixing all the batter
Mixing all the batter

After thoroughly mixing the batter, I started frying the pancakes on a hot skillet. I put a tiny bit of oil on the pan to help keep the pancakes from sticking!

Pouring 1/8 cup of batter into a hot frying pan
Just pour 1/8 cup of batter into a hot frying pan!
Starting to fry the first pancake
Starting to fry the first pancake

After bubbles started to form on the surface of the pancake, it was time to flip!

getting ready to flip the pancake
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Next, it was dorayaki squishing time! This was the fun part! First, I put one pancake on top of a piece of plastic wrap.

Making the first dorayaki
Making the first dorayaki!

Then, I piled on the anko and put a second pancake on top. This was the first one that I made and I went a little too light on the anko. I did not make the same mistake on the rest!

spreading on the anko
spreading on the anko

I definitely wasn’t afraid to stop and taste test the anko.

can't resist
Can’t resist!

After putting together the dorayaki “sandwich,” I wrapped it up in the plastic wrap and squished it all together!

squishing and pinching the edges
squishing and pinching the edges

Voila! Dorayaki!

hot dorayaki
Dorayaki – hot off the pan!

Filled with anko goodness.

Freshly made dorayaki

A Taste Test

As per usual, I made everyone in the house taste my Japanese culinary masterpiece.

Dad tries the dorayaki
My Dad tries the dorayaki!
Mom tries the dorayaki
My Mom’s turn
Me eating dorayaki
My turn (obviously I had to eat one…or two…)

Though some people refused to cooperate…

Elizabeth refuses to eat dorayaki
My little sister refusing to eat my delicious, homemade dorayaki.

Here’s to a great week!

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