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Say Cheese-zu!

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – Marc Riboud

An Adventure

I finally got around to getting some pictures printed today. It was a little bit of an adventure.

I ordered the prints online through target.com. That part was really easy – I just had to upload the pictures I wanted to have printed, choose a Target nearby, and place the order for pick-up.

The pick-up part was where it got a little dicey.

Within thirty minutes of placing the order, Target sent me an e-mail letting me know that my pictures were ready! So, I jumped in the car and headed over the nearest Target – around a ten minute drive from my parents’ house. Unfortunately, when I walked up to the pick-up counter there were no pictures for me. Yes, wrong Target.

I ended up having to get on the highway and drive over to the other Target at the mall. It’s hard being a newbie!

Anyway, it may have taken an hour longer than I expected, but I now have pictures to put into my scrapbook!

Scrapbooking Update!

I added new pictures to my Nyuzen 5k page and Gokayama pages:


Nyuzen Senjyouji 5k
Nyuzen Senjyouji 5k
Gokayama Trip
Trip to Gokayama
Gokayama trip
Trip to Gokayama

I also started working on a few pages for my main elementary school! I worked there all four years that I was in Kurobe, so it has a really special place in my heart. Before I left, one of the teachers was so very kind and gave me a CD full of pictures of me teaching and playing with the kids. There’s even a video of me doing a presentation about Halloween!

It was so much fun to look through the first bunch that I had printed today. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the kids’ cute, smiling faces. But, here’s what I’ve got so far:

Chuo Sho
A page for my main elementary school~

I’m trying to think of some cute little “facts” to write in the blank section towards the top of the page. Any ideas for what I can put there? So far, I’ve considered adding in the school address, student body size, and/or school crest.

A page for my favorite elementary school~
A page for my main elementary school~

I really love that last picture in particular. During my final lesson with one of my third grade classes, two of the students came to give me a packet of goodbye letters and pictures. They charged up to the front of the classroom, confident and smiling. As they went to hand me the packet, both kids froze. After a silent moment of contemplation, they both turned to their homeroom teacher and said, “What were were supposed to say again?” 🙂

Have a lovely weekend, world!

2 thoughts on “Say Cheese-zu!

  1. HI! How you doing? I’m great. I’m so happy that my present was useful to you.
    We had athletic meeting at Chuo Elementary School in 12th September. This year was a 40th anniversary of the school . It was sunny day,so there was a wonderful ,
    Lisa (ALT) has good job with us in English lessons.
    See you!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment! I’m happy to hear that you had nice weather for sports day! お疲れ様でした。I hope you, the rest of the staff, and the students are are all healthy and happy! Take care!

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