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We Are Never Getting Back Together

I’m going to do this quick and dirty today.

Here’s a few things that I don’t miss about Toyama because, let’s be honest, no place is all gorgeous pink sunsets, fabulous mayonnaise, and cute golf-cart-turned-cars. I mean, come on, nothing’s perfect.

You know when you’ve just gone through a really bad breakup and you’re talking with your friends, listing all the reasons why you’re better off without your ex?

This is that.

Stuff that I’m swear I’m totally fine with not having in my life anymore:

Those days when I had to get up and go to work in this:

Not cool, snow. Not cool.

When shishamo reared its ugly head in school lunch:

My nemesis: Shishamo

The times when I needed to pay for something expensive and they only accepted cash:

Cash Money

When I forgot my indoor shoes and I had to try to walk up the stairs in these:

Curse you, slippers!

And last, but certainly not least, I definitely do not miss wearing one of these:

No, I'm not a doctor. Just a teacher in Japan.
No, I’m not a doctor. I just live in Japan.

#jk #istillloveyou

Seriously, can I just blog in #hashtags?

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